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Softheon Verify Enhanced Eligibility

The first Asset Verification System of its kind

Designed to detect fraud, waste, and abuse of enrollees and applicants while providing real-time identity confirmation, Softheon’s Asset Verification System (AVS), Verify, combines robust data certification and a simple workflow to access and manage complex, varied Health and Human Services program eligibility and asset verification needs.

What is Verify?

Verify is a solution that enables Health and Human Service agencies to accurately and efficiently deliver support services to their low income and otherwise vulnerable constituents. Softheon Verify has been helping states support families in crisis since 2014.

With our MITA-aligned and Modular services, your agency can ensure the appropriate public benefits are quickly provided to those meeting program-specific eligibility requirements and meet CMS requirements. 

Why Softheon?

With Softheon, you get one platform that can do it all.

Verify is offered as a portal, fully integrated, or both, and supports everything from basic CMS requirements, to more advanced fraud, waste, and abuse data sets. Our team of experts has extensive experience integrating with entities like CMS and state MMIS eligibility systems, utilizing varied data sets opportunities.

Softheon Verify Enhanced Eligibility

What can Verify offer my business?

Enhanced Eligibility

The only system approved for both Health and Human Service programs, such as Medicaid, TANF, SNAP, and Cash Allowance. It is also configurable for sister agency uses such as Social Services and Recovery.

Integration & Portals

A standalone, user-friendly, web based AVS Portal and can be implemented as a direct MMIS Integration through an API suite. Our solution is flexible to meet your multi-agency needs!

Reporting & Analytics

Intuitive, modern tools for non-technical users. Analyze data in near-real-time reviewing transaction trends, member demographics, geography, financial information, and cost comparisons. Verify makes quarterly and annual reports a breeze.

Beyond AVS Requirements

Verify exceeds the basic AVS requirements, here are a few ways we have supported our clients in expanding their solution:

Identity & Income Proofing

Secure database of Personally Identifiable Information ensures your applicants are who they say they are. Our team also builds state-specific employer relationships to ensure accurate applicant income.

Incarceration Data

Data collection for both incarceration and parole to ensure Medicaid continuity of care.

SSN Fraud Detection

Automated ability to detect fraudulent Social Security Number upfront.

Risk Scores

Built-in scoring for flagging of applicant data that may require additional HHS case manager scrutiny.

Recent Verification Alerts

Workflow rules to alert case managers if a case has been verified recently. Verify can let the case manager overrule the alert and process the verification or lock it for supervisor approval.

Batch Reverification

Verify supports batch reverification of agency caseloads, ensuring beneficiaries still need to the support services they are receiving.

Measurable results​

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