Softheon Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE)

100% of Enrollment Scenarios, Covered

With Softheon’s white labeled Phase 3 Enhanced Direct Enrollment solution, your consumers and agents can complete the entire shopping and enrollment process on your user experience. Goodbye, double redirect!

What is Enhanced Direct Enrollment?

CMS created EDE to allow brokers and members to enroll in coverage from application to renewal on a single web portal. This has significantly improved the user experience, as it simplifies the enrollment process for health plans typically sold through

What makes each phase of EDE different?

Unlike most vendors, we are EDE Phase 3, meaning our solution works for 100% of consumers seeking subsidized individual market coverage on your site.


Why Softheon?

With us, you get Phase 3 EDE, and then some. As experts in the ACA Marketplace, adding EDE to your solution is a simple guaranteed upgrade.

Single Experience

Softheon’s EDE solution supplies a single customer experience for your members. You can expect higher conversion rates from your campaigns, as your customers will experience an easy, quick transaction, without being redirected to and back.

Increased Effectuation

Carriers that also include Softheon’s real-time binder payment capability have seen an increase of up to 15% on their effectuated enrollments.

Easy Connection

We can connect to your existing shopping experience making the implementation easy. Softheon’s EDE solution is a no risk and low-cost boost to your enrollment.

Help Brokers Sell Your Plans

Your brokers will also benefit. We simplify the process to report life changes, complete SEP enrollments, renew coverage, and manage documentation.

For more information about our vertically integrated solution handling everything from product and pricing to database administration, check out our Marketplace solution

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