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Keep Members Coming Back by Addressing Pain Points

Use an integrated platform and detailed reporting to improve member retention

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Over 80 Health OrganizationsWork with Us to Keep Their Members Enrolled  

Softheon’s enrollment and administration tools can help you build lasting relationships with your members and prevent consumer-facing issues before they happen.  

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Member Satisfaction is Everything

Retain Your Members with Softheon’s Tools
Our vertically-integrated platform offers everything you need to not only distribute Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) through the individual Marketplace but also to gain and keep members.
ACA platforms using Softheon’s solutions have seen a consistent increase in member retention.

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End-to-End Consumer Journey: Reduce Member Abrasion

Invest in a fully realized system that guide your member through the entire enrollment process  that easily adapts to address pain points.

Lack of a cohesive member journey

Offer an end-to-end enrollment experience to consumers in need of subsidized insurance by capturing 100% of all enrollment scenarios without redirecting to through our Phase 3 EDE solution.

Too much or too little communication with delays caused by internal systems that do not “speak” to each other

Eliminate the need to maintain multiple systems with our one-stop-shop, using rules-based communication to reach the right members at the right time with the right message, without time delays caused by poor system-to-system communication.

Reactive customer service where problems grow systemic before they are noticed

Determine member pain point trends and leverage near-real-time data to create solutions proactively before they become too big.

Issues making payments or receiving incorrect charges caused by system delays or human error

Our system updates members’ accounts quickly and accurately, reducing the chances of an incorrect delinquency payment being sent.

Stagnant member experiences due to limited reporting and analytics to identify opportunities for improvement based on member behavior

Analyze member data in near-real-time, including transaction trends, member demographics, geography, financial information, and cost comparisons through our reporting platform.

Missed payments between members enrolling and making their first payment

New members can make their first payment immediately after enrolling and sign-up for auto-pay. Health plans are informed of member delinquencies through near-real-time reports, and delinquency notices are automatically sent to members.

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Reporting: Member Data Ops & Intelligence, All in One Place

Automate and drill-down into member reporting in near-real-time.

Full Oversight into End-to-End Operational Processes

Streamline storage with data lakes, independent of format or source. Collect all structured and unstructured data on a platform that scales with you. Reconcile enrollment and financial data with CMS and downstream systems to ensure consistent alignment and reimbursement with subsidy payments.

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Gain full oversight into the end-to-end operation processes managed by Softheon including enrollment coverage spans, invoicing, payment processing, and reconciliation.

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Drill-down into member information

Easily track metrics with drill-down and near-real-time reporting on billing and member enrollment. Customize individual queries and dashboards in a user-friendly portal that provides actionable insights including:

  • Membership status.
  • Members who failed to make their first payment.
  • Delinquency status.
  • Members in disaster-affected zip codes
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Interested in a discussion or demo around Softheon’s solutions?