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Welltheos Offers the Largest Amount of Tools, Resources, & Choices- with over 28,700 Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans

STONY BROOK, N.Y. November 10, 2015 –, the nation’s largest private health insurance exchange, backed by Softheon, has introduced a number of tools and resources for enrolling individuals and families in a broad range of Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance plans.

For consumers qualified to receive subsidies during ACA’s 2016 open enrollment period, Welltheos offers more choices than any other private online marketplace– with access to over 28,700 individual and family health insurance plans from 239 national and regional issuers participating in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Moreover, consumers also have the option to enroll directly, in the same plans without a subsidy– if they choose to do so. All Plans offered by Welltheos meet ACA requirements. This allows for consumer protection against 2016 ACA tax penalties– if they maintain their enrollment through 2016– without a gap of more than two months.

“We strive to simplify healthcare for the millions of Americans in need, and as a result, have created technology that stands above our competitors,” stated Dan Hughes, Business Development Manager Broker Solutions.

Open Enrollment began November 1st, 2015 and ends on January 31st, 2016. During this time, those seeking insurance are able to enroll through the Marketplace– with coverage beginning as early as January 1st, 2016.

Features available on Welltheos:

  • Subsidy Calculator: When applying for coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace, consumers may qualify for an advanced premium tax credit, lowering their monthly premium payment. Welltheos Subsidy Calculator is able to calculate 2016 subsidy estimates for individuals and dependents. The Welltheos portal updates out-of-pocket costs based on the consumer’s plan eligibility, offering truer estimates of their healthcare costs.
  • Personalized Storefront: A customized portal with a clear and easy to navigate UX, allowing Brokers to take their business online – with a unique URL.
  • Instant Online Quotes: Welltheos provides online quotes in seconds with a side-by-side comparison of benefits and pricing.
  • Anonymous Shopping Tool: Potential Clients are free to search for the perfect health plan with no obligations. The Shopping Tool features a variety of consumer decision support tools, including real-time eligibility determinations, and subsidy estimations.
  • Direct Enrollment: Welltheos features an intuitive User Interface, responsive design, and the quickest enrollment process on
  • Manage Accounts: Along with broker help support, brokers have the ability to setup and manage clients from a personalized domain. There, a Broker can provide instant quotes, track applications from multiple carriers, and manage a sales history.

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About Welltheos

Welltheos is an easy-to-use, private exchange platform designed for consumers, brokers, and agents. The platform is designed to enhance the consumer experience, while offering brokers and agents the tools needed to power their enrollment activities and grow their business. Welltheos is committed to increasing health coverage accessibility and enabling consumers to easily compare and shop for brand-name insurance products offered through By establishing relationships with Issuers, Welltheos represents 28,700 qualified health plans offered by 239 issuers participating on and off the Federally Facilitated Marketplace. For more information, visit

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