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Softheon Index report finds reducing manual invoice delivery and payments could save U.S. healthcare system more than $516 million

STONY BROOK, N.Y. May 7, 2018 – Softheon, a national leader in cloud-based health insurance exchange integration and services, announced today the Consumer Premium Bill Presentment, Bill Payment Index (CPBP2); a national, multi-payer index report offering member premium invoicing and payment trend and benchmark analysis, offering highly valuable information and actionable insights for health insurance administrators, operators, policymakers, and regulators.

The CPBP2 Index report includes data from more than 60 commercial health and dental plans across 29 states, and measures bill presentment and transaction types including, but not limited to, print and mail fulfillment, electronic delivery, online (card and ACH), IVR (card and ACH), walk-in, and lockbox payments. The analysis represents over 3.2 million covered lives, or nearly 37% of the commercially insured U.S. population under the Affordable Care Act, and more than $4 billion-member premium transactions in 2017.

“These findings demonstrate a significant need for accelerated adoption of electronic transactions and the growing need for consumer-focused retention with incentives aligned to payment options that promote ease-of-use, convenience, and speed – at lower costs,” cited Bill Gaynor, Executive Vice President, Health Plan and TPA Solutions at Softheon.

Key findings from the CPBP2 Index include:

  • Paperless invoicing lagged significantly behind manual invoicing (paper – print and mail).
  • Electronic payment methods (card and ACH), online, and IVR channels accounted for 80.2% of the total volume, whereas Autopay (card and ACH) accounted for only 20.8%.
  • Consumers aged 21-35 most preferred one-time only card payments; members of the 65 and older age group most preferred lockbox (checks).
  • The average number of days for a consumer to pay an invoice were more than 20, but “invoice to payment” in the months of January and November averaged 8 days or less.
  • The chargeback rate on card payments was 0.07% (very low compared to other bill pay and regulated service industries).

Softheon’s Consumer Premium Bill Presentment, Bill Payment Index (CPBP2) enables public and private participants to identify and assess remaining manual activities and to develop strategies to enhance the member experience using automation and digital enrollment, invoicing, and payment services.

Softheon is the #1 visited health care consumer website by Amazon Alexa website rankings for its commercial health plan, government, and broker solutions. For over 15 years, Softheon’s solutions have provided the end-to-end tracking, monitoring, and reporting of business activities for individual and small group health insurance enrollment, financial management, and customer service processes.

The complete CPBP2 Index report and additional information is available at

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Softheon’s mission is to make healthcare affordable, accessible, and plentiful. Softheon is the only MITA-aligned, single-tenant, HIPAA, PCI, and NIST-compliant cloud-based system. Softheon solutions work to transform the way agencies operate by delivering unparalleled healthcare capabilities including: Asset verification and identity proofing, Individual, State-Based, and SHOP Marketplaces, Special Enrollment Period (SEP) verification, Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC) validation, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Validation, Electronic and Paper-based Payment Processing, Carrier Reconciliation Facilitation, and Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) Population Analytics. In 2017, Softheon was trusted by over 60 healthcare payers, serving 33% of lives on ACA.

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