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Member Renewal

Your Key to Keeping Members

Create the member journey and deliver the member outreach that will lead to higher renewals. Softheon integrates all your enrollment, billing, and payment systems into a single platform and uses rules-based communication so you reach the right members at the right time with the right message. 

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Getting Ghosted? Rethink Your Member Outreach

It’s nearly impossible to keep your members happy when you send them inaccurate invoices or irrelevant communication. Unfortunately, when you have to manage multiple systems, member discontent is inevitable. Softheon updates members’ accounts quickly and accurately and automatically sends members the right communication at the right time.

Member Engagement & Renewals

Higher Retention with Better Communication

With so many Health Plans on the market, members don’t need to tolerate frustration, delays or inaccuracies. Get the tools you need to stay relevant to your members at every step of their journey.

Member Engagement & Renewals

Customize Templates and Increase Engagement. Automate outreach for every step of the member journey. Grow your relationship with customized Marketing Materials. Use customized templates to deliver Invoices and Renewal Notices, and deal with Delinquency, Termination & Cancellation Notices, without straining your team’s resources.

Member Engagement & Renewals

 Increase Options and Reduce Communication Costs. Improve the member experience by letting them choose how they hear from you. Many populations want to go paperless. Offering this option improves member satisfaction and reduces your communication costs.

Reduce Risk with Predictive Analytics

Unhappy members rarely renew. Understand what’s going on with your members at a glance and uncover any system-wide issues with Softheon’s Reporting and Analytics Capabilities.

Member Engagement & Renewals

Improve retention with Interventions. Use member and payment data to inform your communication efforts. When the system identifies members as at-risk for lapsing, you can intervene with a tailored communication plan. 

Member Engagement & Renewals

Stay Proactive with Smarter Insights. Report on member data in near-real-time,  through our reporting platform and see patterns of member pain points while you can still do something about them.

Digital Engagement Reduces Costs, Increases Support

Softheon’s member portal gives members the control they crave while reducing your service costs. The right digital engagement strategy includes a range of support channels and helps you empower customers while minimizing strain on your staff.

Member Engagement & Renewals

Self-Service Made for Satisfaction. Thanks to the digital age, your members expect instant gratification in all areas of their life, including Health Plans. Meet their expectations by offering the fast and accurate self-service tools they’ve grown accustomed to.

Member Engagement & Renewals

Outreach Built for Scale. Reduce CRM backlogs with customizable and CMS-compliant templates for communication. Create and execute mass member outreach to communicate with the right members at the right time.

Enrolling Hundreds of Thousands of New Members Practically Overnight: Secrets of Successful Health Plans

Understand the role your technology plays in securing high member engagement

See how smarter automation scales growth and cuts costs.

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