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Make the Difficult Easy

A tidal wave of reassessments is coming. Make sure that you are prepared to handle the spike in redetermination workloads while minding your budget. Get ahead of federal requirements and save resources with overnight batch processing and convenient risk scoring.

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Scale what You Have to Meet the Demand

With millions of people to reassess, current operational processes might not be enough. Any manual step will struggle to keep up. But hiring a new workforce to deal with a sudden spike may not be possible on a tight budget. You are faced with a lot more work and limited bandwidth.

Medicaid Reassessment

The Right People, the Right Coverage

Make sure the appropriate enrollees retain coverage without lapsing. Prioritize outreach for members at-risk for disenrollment due to a lack of information. Immediately flag blatantly ineligible members while identifying at-risk enrollees for further outreach.

Medicaid Reassessment

Streamlined Assessments. Receive the needed eligibility data with only a name, SSN, and address sent through a simple, overnight batch process. 

Medicaid Reassessment

Support Eligibility Specialists. Scale eligibility specialists’ work by pairing members with a color-coded, configurable risk score out of 100 to denote risk and prioritize member outreach. 

Save State Resources

Partnering with Softheon may save 17.94% of monthly enrollment costs for Medicaid enrollees following the lift on Medicaid continuous coverage. The following cost savings breakdown utilizes disenrollment estimates from Urban Institute that do not consider enrollees 65 and over.

Medicaid Reassessment

Prioritize Reassessments. Determine blatantly ineligible members in the same quarter that the continuous coverage requirement ends to prevent drains on state resources.

Medicaid Reassessment

Protect Your Staff. Automated backend processes minimize the impact on your staff, especially the call center. Softheon’s flexible technology allows agencies to scale without investing in any additional overhead. 

Never Fall Out of Compliance with CMS

Be ready to reassess your population while minimizing the expansion of internal operations. Submit all or part of your caseload to effortlessly reassess your entire population at your own pace during the Medicaid Unwinding period.

Medicaid Reassessment

State Flexibility. Design a custom Unwinding approach with Softheon to minimize reassessment delays and better protect those most at risk of losing coverage. 

Medicaid Reassessment

Make Change Simple. Let Softheon accommodate compliance changes and regulatory letters with the expertise that comes from years of supporting Medicaid Agencies. 

5 Ways States Can Save Resources While Keeping Eligible Members Enrolled

Softheon spoke to multiple states about their plans for the Medicaid Unwinding period. Softheon’s policy experts identified five ways states could save resources while making sure more eligible people stay enrolled.

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