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Protect State Resources and Assist Those Truly in Need with Softheon

Quickly reassess your Medicaid populations for eligibility via overnight batch processes and save $98,670,000 a month per 1 million enrollees. Determine blatantly ineligible members and prioritize outreach.

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Softheon Simplifies the Reassessment Process while Supporting At-Risk Members

After the recent public health emergency (PHE), CMS requests that States reassess their Medicaid population for eligibility. Softheon currently provides daily Medicaid and HHS Asset Verification Service (AVS) to 5 US States.

Submitting a Form Begins the Process of Initiating Your Medicaid Reassessment Process

After you submit a form, one of our sales representatives will contact you within 1 business day. From there, we will schedule a demo or call based on your needs.

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