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Medicaid Reassessment

Protect your State resources and help those who truly need it and process over 50 transactions per second

Quickly reassess your Medicaid populations for eligibility via overnight batch processes.

After the recent public health emergency (PHE), CMS requests that States reassess their Medicaid population for eligibility. Softheon currently provides daily Medicaid and HHS Asset Verification Service (AVS) to 5 US States.

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Receive Robust Data Returns with Limited Requirements

To get started, States only need to provide the first name, last name, SSN and address to reassess Medicaid eligibility. Softheon returns a prioritized list of members overnight to confirm eligibility, based on a highly-configurable and specialized threshold. Returned data includes:

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SSN check

Real Property

Identity Confirmation


Residence in State

Financial Assets

Motor Vehicle

Optimize Eligibility Determinations with User-Friendly Risk Scores

Results returned via a Risk Score to target and prioritize eligibility reassessments (Scored 1-100 and color coded Red-High Risk, Yellow-Medium Risk and Green-Low Risk).

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Receive Faster Return Times at a Lower Cost

Softheon offers competitive pricing set as a one-time fee per member beneficiary checked. Utilizing our robust set of data partners and integrated, pre-built solution, data returns in near-real-time up to overnight batch processes.