Feb. 15-17, 2019

Eugene Sayan – Founder & CEO, Softheon 
Chuck Marcelin – Talent Acquisition Manager, Softheon 
Taylor Knepper – Talent Acquisition Specialist, Softheon

Softheon was proud to sponsor the third-annual Hack@CEWIT. The Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) hosts the on-campus, interdisciplinary student hackathon bringing over 150 regional hackers, $40K in industry sponsorship commitments, and over 25 hands-on tech talks and workshops together for a two-day technical challenge awarding over $5K in prizes to the most innovative, most ambitious, most original, most health-conscious, and most industry-applicable tech projects — at Stony Brook University.

The two-day hack over President’s Day Weekend is designed in conjunction with our core industry partners, sponsors, and member entrepreneurs to select scenarios that will have a direct, real-world application to their product portfolios.

Medicaid Eligibility Determinations: Understanding the importance of integrity tools

Sept. 26, 2018

Michael Sasko – Vice President, Government Solutions, Softheon 
Paul Murcott – Managing Director, Solution Consulting, Softheon

Asset Verification Systems (AVS) are one of many integrity tools that can provide accurate Medicaid eligibility determinations. In this webinar, we examine how states can utilize integrity tools to detect fraud or abuse for existing enrollees and real-time identity confirmation, and verify Medicaid and SNAP with future deliveries of TANF, cash allowance, and Long-Term Care (LTC).


Reducing administrative burdens in the era of digitalization

Aug. 22, 2018

Daniel Hughes – Managing Director, Broker Solutions, Softheon 
Kayla Tansey – Senior Account Executive, Broker Solutions, Softheon

As a certified Web-Based Entity (WBE), Softheon has created a one-stop-shop for health insurance brokers, providing advanced tools to track enrollments, reduce administrative burdens, and manage their book of business. For brokers, finding time to prospect, sign up clients for plans, manage them, while staying up to date with technology has been a struggle. Welltheos integrates all of these processes into a one-stop-shop.

For robust data verification, get Verify

Aug. 3, 2018

Michael Sasko – Vice President, Government Solutions, Softheon

Softheon’s Asset Verification System, Verify, is the ‘first of its kind’ to certify both Health and Human Services (HHS) programs. Designed exclusively to detect fraud, waste, and abuse of enrollees and applicants while providing real-time identity confirmation, Softheon Verify™ combines robust data certification and a simple workflow to access and manage complex, varied Health & Human Services (HHS) eligibility and asset verification data. Download our solution overview to learn more.

Powering winning consumer engagement, wellness, and renewal initiatives

July 17, 2018

Bill Gaynor – Executive Vice President, Health Plan Solutions, Softheon 
Stephen Kruk – Merchant Treasury Operations Manager, Softheon 
Holly Doering-Powell – SVP/Director of Sales and Client Experience, UMB Healthcare Services

In this webinar, industry experts discussed tools and programs health plans can use to establish a better understanding of HSAs: 401K vs HSA, turning HSA confusion and complexity into value & loyalty, and the growing adoption of HSAs.

Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE): The evolution of the member experience

June 6, 2018

Jane Good – Founder, JGood Advisors 
Bill Gaynor – Managing Director, Health Plan Solutions, Softheon

In 2018, the “proxy” pathway for Direct Enrollment will no longer be available to enroll consumers into exchange plans. Softheon, a CMS Alpha Team member and leading Web Broker Entity, is closely working with officials, making the EDE pathway to enroll both subsidy eligible and non-eligible consumers into exchange plans a reality in 2019.

HackHLTH 2018

May 4-6, 2018

Eugene Sayan – Founder & CEO, Softheon 
Andrew La Manna – Software Engineer, Softheon 
Chuck Marcelin – Talent Acquisition Manager, Softheon

HackHLTH is the premier hackathon for the healthcare ecosystem, set out to solve the industry’s toughest problems. Taking place over 36 hours between May 4-6, the inaugural HackHLTH event brought together hundreds of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs with the most forward-thinking companies to create applications using APIs and other tools that address local and global health challenges. As one of the lead sponsors of the HackHLTH hackathon, Softheon worked closely with participants to develop innovative solutions to help solve some of the biggest problems in healthcare.

State innovation and design implementation: addressing ACA Marketplace sustainability, reform, and positioning

Apr. 26, 2018

Eugene Sayan – Founder & CEO 
Rosemary Day – President, Day Health Strategies 
Jon Kingsdale – Senior Strategy Advisor, Wakely Consulting

Softheon Founder & CEO, Eugene Sayan, speaks at the 2018 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit, featuring Rosemary Day, President, Day Health Strategies, and Jon Kingsdale, Senior Strategy Advisor, Wakely Consulting. They discuss the future of IT and back-office functionality of the Federally Facilitated Marketplace, as well as the future of the Affordable Care Act under the Trump Administration.

Product talk: enrollment & effectuation engine

Apr. 6, 2018

Randeep Gupta – Product Owner, Remedy, Softheon

Softheon’s enrollment & underwriting engine, Remedy, allows you to easily enroll & effectuate members and manage ongoing member services, including processing cancellations, terminations, delinquencies, and more – in real time. Remedy’s comprehensive rules engine allows you to customize your members’ enrollment processing to suit different needs. Our solution also uses role-based user access, so you can ensure each user only has access to the data they need. In this interview, we talked to Randeep Gupta, one of Softheon’s product owners about Remedy’s features.

Product talk: data analytics & reporting

Apr. 5, 2018

Vassili Bolotnikov – Product Owner, Foundry, Softheon

Softheon’s data analytics and reporting platform, Foundry, captures and tracks every touchpoint, analyzing both interactions and behaviors of members. Foundry’s reporting capabilities provide you with all the tools necessary to access and analyze data from a high-level overview down to an individual member. In this blog, we talk to Vassili Bolotnikov, Product Owner of Softheon Foundry, on the product’s latest advancements & innovations.

Product talk: e-payment platform

Apr. 4, 2018

Vanessa Hall – Product Owner, Equity, Softheon

As an accessible PCI DSS 3.1 Electronic Payment platform, Equity serves individuals and brokers with multi-channel options, and offers the back-end processes needed to continually manage and track their payment statuses. To assist with higher membership retention, we support all payment types including credit cards, ACH & e-Check, and lockbox processing. In this blog, we talk to Vanessa Hall, Product Owner of Softheon Equity, on Equity’s benefits and latest enhancements.

Product Talk: EDI integration & management

Mar. 23, 2018

Bret Harrison – Product Owner, Gateway, Softheon

Softheon’s rules-based EDI payload management platform, Gateway, exchanges enrollment information (834s) to handle the enrollment, effectuation & reconciliation of your members. Gateway was designed to eliminate the risks and issues associated with importing bad data. In this interview, we talked to Bret Harrison, one of Softheon’s product owners talks about Gateway’s features.


Mar. 14, 2018

Vincent Bodo – Lead Software Engineer, API Team, Softheon 
Samantha Miller – Software Engineer, Softheon 
Chuck Marcelin – Talent Acquisition Manager, Softheon 
Melanie Woods – Marketing Manager, Softheon 
Yvonne Villante – Marketing Director, Softheon 
Eugene Sayan – Founder & CEO, Softheon

Softheon is proud to once again be a sponsor of the second-annual Hack@CEWIT. There were hundreds of coders and entrepreneurs that stayed for all three days to work on APIs, innovate industries and products, and learn from Softheon programmers and experts. This hackathon focused on industry-relevant IoT and security API design, raspberry pi hacks, and learning from industry leaders with hands-on programming. Hack@CEWIT is designed to select scenarios that will have a direct, real-world application to their product portfolios. The Softheon team guided and mentored the Hack@CEWIT attendees on broad topics, including Zero-to-Hero sessions, APIs, and other technical platforms.

Product Talk: the rise in digital healthcare e-commerce

Mar. 1, 2018

Dan Hughes – Managing Director, Sales, Softheon

Softheon’s plan benefits & product management platform, Clarity, delivers members, employers, and brokers with quote-to-card shopping and the ability to manage their own accounts. With Clarity, members get the tools they need to control and understand their healthcare benefits, including a rating engine & decision tools, comprehensive account management, and a configurable, easy-to-use interface. In this interview, we talked to Daniel Hughes, Softheon’s Managing Director of Sales, about Clarity’s features, and how the innovative solution solves many of the common issues facing health plans and brokers today.

A health plan and vendor’s insight into implementing Medicaid 1115 waivers.

Mar. 6, 2018

Caitlin Priest – Government Relations Director, CareSource Indiana Inc. 
Diana Fuchs – Director, Health Plan Solutions, Softheon

Medicaid states applying for and receiving 1115 waivers are prominent in the news. 16 states have received approval, 19 are approved & pending, and 2 are pending. Medicaid continues to use a large portion of state budgets and remains one of the biggest challenges for lawmakers in terms of anticipating and controlling costs. But understanding how to correctly and quickly implement these programs is a new venture for health plans and MCOs operating in the Medicaid environment. This webinar will provide insight into some states and plans that have addressed these challenges. This webinar provides an overview of Medicaid waivers in a three-part series.

What’s driving today’s healthcare consumerism?

Nov. 20, 2017

Eugene Sayan – Founder & CEO, Softheon

Like the travel and banking industries, healthcare consumers’ roles are expanding. Resulting in the healthcare payer community to identify new ways of securing their membership amid market forces, such as competition, consumerism, and policy changes, this driving force is reinforcing the need for innovative solutions that exceed consumer expectations – further amplifying the focus placed on the consumer.

What is Softheon?

Nov. 20, 2017

Eugene Sayan – Founder & CEO, Softheon

At Softheon, we offer a comprehensive suite of cloud-based, configurable solutions to help health plans build a robust healthcare IT infrastructure. These solutions eliminate duplicate and administrative inefficiencies, promote collaboration with key stakeholders, ensure mechanisms of enhanced transparency, and provide visibility into insurance transactions and member activities.

Your Guide to Navigating CMS’ New 1115 Waiver Approval Process

Dec. 11, 2017

Eugene Sayan – Founder & CEO, Softheon

The Section 1115 State Medicaid Innovation Waivers are forcing Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to rethink their current technology strategies. With the waiver approvals process for states being significantly streamlined by CMS, many current Medicaid platforms are not fully prepared, and do not support premium billing and invoicing. In this webinar, we will discuss the best strategy for the privatization of Medicaid and navigating CMS’ new 1115 approval process.

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