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Innovation through Expertise Coupled with Technology

Apply comprehensive and scalable solutions to current and upcoming issues plaguing your federal agency. Softheon simplifies complex health insurance processes through software innovation and intuitive processes, so you can focus on making healthcare better.

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Avoid past marketplace mistakes

The health insurance space is becoming more complex as new avenues for affordable coverage emerge. State and federal agencies need to consider lessons learned from shopping, eligibility, and billing platforms when implementing a new marketplace.

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Informed and happy members 

Agencies looking to support emerging marketplaces are studying and considering preexisting solutions in adjacent distribution channels, like healthcare Exchanges. Vendors experienced with Exchanges understand what it takes to keep growing your enrollment and retention rates. 

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Guide Enrollees. Get all the luxuries of the Marketplace for your members. A simple and customized plan shopping experience with embedded decision support tools can lead to higher effectuation rates.

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Keep Members Enrolled. Support single and reoccurring payments through a variety of channels while automatically reconciling enrollment and billing information to prevent unwanted terminations.

Mind your budget

As agencies get involved with selling and managing health insurance, the upfront cost of implementing the needed technology can be daunting. Additionally, piecing together a custom solution can dramatically increase an agency’s tech debt due to the unexpected issues.

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Keep Vendor Counts Low. Minimize tech debt by partnering with a single vendor that offers an end-to-end solution for shopping, billing, and maintaining health coverage.

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Use What Already Works. To avoid the astronomical cost of continuously resolving issues that arise from untested, custom technology stacks, emerging marketplaces can implement MOTS solutions to keep cost and risk low.

Lean on industry expertise

Softheon’s MOTS solution can be fully configured to meet the needs and requirements of any marketplace initiative. Invest in core offerings built on a flexible, adaptable, and scalable microservices architecture that enables configurations without any hard coding.

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Hundreds of Integration Points. Pre-built integrations allow you to connect with new and legacy systems alike to make complex, disconnected systems work together.

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Automatic Compliance. A close relationship with CMS and other regulators ensures all federal and state regulations are met. Spend your time providing high-touch, human-facing services, not on maintaining compliance.

Applicability of State-Based Marketplace Solutions for Federal Agencies: Meeting the Medicare Integration Mandate

Softheon examines how Marketplace solutions can solve issues negatively impacting effectuation and retention rates for Federal agencies. 

Learn how modular technology can meet the needs of the Postal Reform Act of 2022.

See how smarter automation scales growth and cuts costs.

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