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Shopping & Enrollment

Enroll at Scale through a Single Portal

You’re competing in a crowded and complex marketplace. Softheon’s end-to-end shopping and enrollment experience includes Phase 3 Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE), meaning your members can pick a plan and effectuate, without ever leaving your site.

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Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

In Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) states, if your plan shopping doesn’t automatically match the right plan to the right customer, or if your enrollment process includes a redirect to, you’re increasing competition and frustration for members and admin alike.

In State-Based Exchange (SBE) states, you can leverage shopping portals to promote your off-exchange plans and offer a “no-wrong door” digital experience if you offer multiple lines of business, including Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), Dental, Vision, Supplemental, Group, and even Medicare Advantage.

Shopping, Enrollment, and Engagement
Plan Catalog

An Easier Way to Manage Plans

Easily stock the digital shelves with your plans, regardless of file formats. Get all the information you need on one powerful interface and help consumers simplify their decisions.

Shopping, Enrollment, and Engagement

Reduce human error. Expedite critical workflows and dramatically reduce the number of situations that require health plan staff to manually escalate or investigate.

Shopping, Enrollment, and Engagement

Avoid payments-related abrasion. Offer the payment options your customers expect to see. Making first payments immediately after enrolling increases effectuation rates. Members on autopay tend to stay.

Shopping & Enrollment Experience in SBM States

A Better Way to Get Happier Customers

Help consumers find their perfect commercial plan – without leaving your white-labeled site. We help you give them a shopping experience that’s easy to navigate along with the comparison tools that empower customers to feel good about their decisions.

Shopping, Enrollment, and Engagement

Give Helpful Guidance. Guide members with plan filters and side-by-side plan comparison.

Shopping, Enrollment, and Engagement

Daily Exchange Enrollment and Reconciliation. Softheon handles all 834 outbound files with the Exchange. Leverage Softheon’s integrated enrollment and payment information to secure more subsidy dollars.

Shopping Experience in FFM States

A Faster Way to Gain More Ground in the ACA

Enable members to shop, enroll, and manage their plans without being redirected to Get a streamlined connection to Exchanges with Softheon’s Phase III EDE solution.

Shopping, Enrollment, and Engagement

Remove competitors. Members can now skip the redirect and stay on your site for their entire journey.

Shopping, Enrollment, and Engagement

Lower operational costs. No more delayed payments or dropped opportunities. Now members can effectuate instantly, using their preferred payment method.

Marketplace Shopping, Enrollment, and Billing RFP guide for Health Plans

Understand what questions health plans must ask during the procurement process to secure robust and scalable shopping and enrollment solutions.

See how smarter automation scales growth and cuts costs.

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