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Your All-in-One Reporting Platform

Softheon integrates all billing and enrollment solutions into your existing systems, including accounting reports that upload seamlessly to your general ledger. Save time with reports that help you quickly make effective, data-driven decisions, whether identifying which members became delinquent today to overall trends in your members’ payment preferences. Whether using our best-practice reports or creating your own, you’ll see a measurable boost in operational efficiency and close the books quicker. 

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Experience Fewer Data Silos

You already have dozens or hundreds of data sources that have trouble “talking” to one another. Softheon’s platform combines member enrollment, billing, and payments data. When you can see daily reports on delinquent members, you can take immediate actions to retain them. By removing the silos between enrollment data and financial data, you secure more subsidy dollars, ensuring you’re paid more accurately and timely.


Predictive Analytics Prevents Surprises

Stop getting surprised. Without predictive analytics, you don’t know which members will term until it’s too late. Softheon’s predictive model helps you determine which members in your population are more likely to be at-risk.


Identify risk with predictive analytics Our model reviews how premiums were paid, what payment methods were used, and if the individual was part of a family plan. Softheon’s predictive model reveals that carriers can target as little one-fifth of their membership to reach the majority of members that will lapse for non-payment in the plan year. 


Reduce terminations with interventions Early and ongoing interventions may reduce the need to manually call delinquent members. Softheon helps you retain more members with tools like autopay, cash payments, offering payment plans, or text-based communications. 

A Better Way to Get Happier Customers

Help consumers find their perfect commercial plan – without leaving your white-labeled site. We help you give them a shopping experience that’s easy to navigate along with the comparison tools that empower customers to feel good about their decisions.


Give Helpful Guidance. Guide members with plan filters and side-by-side plan comparison.


Daily Exchange Enrollment and Reconciliation. Softheon handles all 834 outbound files with the Exchange. Leverage Softheon’s integrated enrollment and payment information to secure more subsidy dollars.

Self-Service Reporting

Stop stressing. Softheon made it easier than ever to simplify data-driven decisions with our platform’s intuitive data organization, customizable queries, and self-service reporting. See and share all the information you need on one interface. 


Create Standard Reports Analyze member information, track organizational trends, and use industry best practices to focus on providing the best health plans.


Customize your Analytics  Craft custom dashboards, adjust data filters and create presentations on an intuitive, self-service platform.

What Success Looks Like in Government Markets

Softheon leadership met with senior executives from national and regional health plans, representing more than 50% of the U.S. population, to discuss what success looks like in government health plans and which strategies are most likely to achieve it.  

See how smarter automation scales growth and cuts costs.

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