Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) Phase 3 approved

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Benefits should be more than just another headache. Our technology and services simplify, personalize and optimize the benefits experience – not just during open enrollment, but throughout the entire plan year. Our mission is to make employee benefits easy and affordable. We empower brokers, employers, and consumers by providing access to great technology, innovative products and world class service. The Softheon platform is an online market place that is changing the way brokers, employers and consumers purchase their benefits.

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Softheon’s cloud-based platform contains a robust suite of configurable modules that target common pain points in the typical enrollment process. Our comprehensive solution reduces the burden on your team by handling all your enrollment management needs. Our Software as a Solution (SaaS) ecosystem comprises enrollment portals and anonymous shopping, member management, secure EDI file processing, premium billing and presentment, and data analytics and supports for over 3.2 million Americans.


Grow your business and reach more prospects with a robust portfolio of options.  Softheon broker solutions will allow brokers and agencies to control costs, streamline administrative tasks and eliminate redundant data entry. Our configurable platform allows brokers to simplify the enrollment process, update carriers automatically and engage their employer groups to increase overall client satisfaction. Partnering with the Softheon solution will make you feel like you have extra staff to help with managing your book of business online and eliminating the heavy burden of manual processes.


The Employer capabilities allow agents to offer more choice to their groups, shop and compare plans that meet their needs so they can better understand and appreciate the value of their benefits. With our defined contribution abilities brokers can control benefit cost and predict and prepare for future healthcare expenses, ultimately making their employee better health care consumers. The account management functions also allow groups to stay up to date with all of their benefit plans, enrollments and changes to their policy.

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