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Brokers assisted enrollments continue to grow year over yest, contributing to over 50% of all enrollments with Softheon. What is your health plan doing to capitalize on this? 

Support brokers as they partner with employers through a self-service Broker Portal. From a mirrored member interface to real-time enrollment information transfer, carriers can fully capitalize on the broker partnership

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Happier Brokers with the Tools to Do Their Jobs

Give brokers the tools they need to guide prospects to their perfect health plan by linking the Broker Portal to the consumer shopping experience. Treating brokers like partners ensures a great working relationship as they target the hard-to-reach members for you.

With Softheon’s Broker Portal, brokers can: 

  • Gain peace of mind knowing their client base is protected. 
  • Ensure that once a client enters the Portal, they stay with the broker. 
  • Create, save, and send quotes with a personalized URL and message to clients. 
  • Assist clients with their enrollment journey by seeing everything they see on the Shopping Portal. 
  • Review clients and lead information on an intuitive, reporting platform. 

Higher Enrollment Rates for Health Plans & Brokers

Softheon’s Broker Portal is fully integrated with and Enhanced Direct Enrollment Phase III, 100% of enrollments can be completed on a single interface. Combined with broker support tools, Softheon designed a solution designed to make enrollment easy on potential members and brokers. Experience higher enrollment rates in populations that are notoriously hard to reach.

Broker Tools

Support Brokers and Gain New Members with 3 Easy Steps



  • Easily generate quotes to share with your clients.
  • Select plans to share in quote
  • Share quote via link
  • Share quote via email
  • Save quote as a lead in the portal


  • Enroll your clients or let them complete the enrollment online.
  • Sharable link with your NPN embedded
  • Self-service enrollment for clients
  • Guided enrollment with clients
  • Enrollment process is 100% online


  • Track leads, applications, and enrollments in one place.
  • Track leads and quotes
  • Track applications and status
  • Track enrollments and status
  • All carriers in one portal

Value For Carriers

Shopping, Enrollment, and Engagement

Billing & Payments

Broker Tools

E-commerce Analytics