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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever, companies are interviewing job candidates online as opposed to in person, and Softheon is no exception. As a rapidly growing company, we post a lot – internally and on social media, about the fact that we’re hiring. We’re always looking for motivated, passionate individuals to join our incredible team. In fact, now that we are working remotely, we can recruit top talent from all over the country!  

Interested in a role at Softheon? We know that interviewing can be stressful. Now, there is the added challenge of interviewing online without ever meeting people in person.  Our Talent Acquisition team is here to help all candidates feel prepared and confident for their virtual interviews. We asked the team to answer a few questions about our interview process and what you can expect along the way. 

Taylor Devaney – Talent Acquisition Specialist 

I have been working in Human Resources for the last 7 years. My passion is to help other people discover their passion and help them find a role that they love.

How many people has Softheon hired since the start of COVID-19 / being fully remote? 

Since the start of COVID-19, we have successfully transformed into a 100% digital organization, and increased our workforce by 30%. Out of the new employees, we have hired employees in our Business Operations Team, Project Management Office, Product Teams, Software Development Teams, and more Working with the training team and managers, we can create specified plans for each new hire. 

What were some of the considerations you made when transitioning to a fully remote interview process? 

When transitioning to a fully remote interview process, there were a lot of factors that we had to consider. With having to do virtual interviews, the amount of communication between the candidate and the recruiter must be at least double. We also had to consider everyone’s workspace and ensure that everyone on the interview committee had a dedicated computer space with video capability for the interviews. We also had to make sure that we were using a platform that all candidates could easily download. We also needed to ensure that we are always there for our candidates to walk them through the process. 

Marina Rudolph – Talent Acquisition Associate 

I have been working at Softheon for about 8 months now and I have loved every minute. I had originally started as a Campus Recruiter but was given the opportunity to move into a Talent Acquisition Associate role. My passion is being able to match up a candidate and a role that is a perfect fit. I love seeing them thrive in the position throughout their time at Softheon.

What are some ways that candidates can best prepare for their interviews at Softheon? 

There are a few things that candidates can do to best prepare for interviews here at Softheon. The first thing I would recommend is to research our company. It is a good idea for candidates to know who we are and have a reason for why they would want to work here. Another great thing to have prepared is a brief introduction about themselves. We usually start off interviews by giving the candidate some time to introduce themselves. The biggest advice I would give is to know their resume and to think of situations that they have been in during all their roles. We will go through the candidate’s resume and may ask specific questions about bullet points or ask for examples of situations from certain roles. 

What should someone expect when interviewing with Softheon? (How many rounds, etc.) 

The interview process at Softheon can vary a bit depending on the type of role the candidate is applying for. Generally, the candidate will apply and will hear back either way if they are moving forward or not. The next step is a phone screen with one of the recruiters. After this call, the recruiter may ask for a few things from the candidate to be sent back. From there, if they move forward, they will have a panel interview with the team. Since we are all remote, all interviews are currently virtual via Microsoft Teams. These interviews generally range from 1-3 rounds. From there, the candidate will either be extended an offer or told they are not going to be moving forward. This is the general process, but, depending on the role, candidates may be given assessments in between these stages. 

Yvellise Vergara – Manager Talent & Culture 

I have been in recruitment for almost 5 years and with Softheon for close to 4 of those. Working at Softheon, as a part of the HR department and growing as a leader in the Talent and Culture space, has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. Seeing this company grow and adapt everyday has inspired my own growth and flexibility and I could not be more grateful to be in such a position.

What do you want candidates to know about working with Softheon? 

From our very first phone call with a candidate, my team builds relationships based on transparency, which is why we will always be very honest and clear about the ups and downs that come along with working at rapid growth, an extremely agile tech company operating in the healthcare space. Our culture is equal parts invigorating and challenging, and, when we say that, we truly do mean you will be pushed out of your comfort zone time and time again. 

Softheon is not the place for those looking for a regimented day to day with clear expectations of where you might be in 3 years. Softheon is the place where you will solve new problems daily and be held accountable for your growth. The path to success at Softheon must be paved by your own hands, and that it is done with curiosity, tenacity, and grit. If you have those, this company will be your playground. If not, you likely will not enjoy it here, and that is perfectly okay, however, every candidate should know this if they want to make an impact here. 

Do you have any tips for remote interviewing? 

Test, test, and test again! Your at-home equipment is everything when it comes to remote interviewing, so please do your part in testing your camera, microphone, and connection on video chats before logging on to a virtual interview. There may end up being technical difficulties on the organization’s end, however, these are much easier for recruiters to troubleshoot than trying to help a candidate when we have no idea what your setup is like. If you log on and we can’t hear you, time will inevitably be wasted, and face to face time with an interview panel is extremely valuable – you do not want to cut yourself short.  

Aside from that, dress the part, tidy your space, find decent lighting, and minimize background noise. And lastly, if you don’t have full control over your environment, you can always disclose things like “my dog might bark, so I apologize in advance,” or “my kids may run behind me in the background.” We are all human, and a lot of us are working in shared spaces. We understand and can relate!