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Get into the ACA Marketplace before your competitors. Read this whitepaper for the top things your health plan should keep in mind. Revitalized interest in the ACA due to recent legislation and an increased availability in subsidies triggered a wave of new and returning enrollees. Health plans have recognized this opportunity and have begun to reenter the Marketplace due to increased stability. As industry leaders continue to expand their offerings on the Marketplaces, health plans can follow suit and capitalize on this opportunity, but they most place themselves in a position to achieve accelerated growth. This insightful and relevant report from Softheon highlights what health plans needs to do to capitalize on this unique opportunity:
  • Automate CMS and DOI Compliance Regulations
  • Establish a Robust Communications System to Streamline Reconciliation
  • Increase User Satisfaction by Offering Various Safe Options for Paying
  • Integrate Across Your Platform to Reduce Administrative Overhead and Provide a Consumer-Friendly Experience
  • Build Scalability for Seamless Transitions in the Future

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Softheon’s Most Recent Whitepaper: How to Seamlessly Enter the Expanded ACA Marketplace