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In light of the Biden Administration’s Special Enrollment Period, Softheon partnered with the Healthcare Executive Group (HCEG) to educate fellow health plan executives on Healthcare Policy and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). HCEG is a long-time industry partner of Softheon’s. Founded in 1988, HCEG is a national network of healthcare executives and thought leaders, aimed at prompting dialogue about issues facing the healthcare industry.

In their most recent Roundtable, HCEG’s Executive Director, Ferris Taylor, and Softheon’s GM and SVP of Health Plan Cloud, Kevin Deutsch, talked about the Biden Administration’s potential in reforming the healthcare system. Other important topics discussed include: concerns about premium costs for members, Medicare beneficiaries, virtual care, and the American Rescue Plan. For a full account of the entire Roundtable, you can access HCEG’s blog here.

We look forward to the opportunity to continue the dialogue around Healthcare Policy and the ACA. Stay tuned for additional podcasts, blogs, and webinars regarding this topic with HCEG. Subscribe to our Connector Newsletter to stay informed.