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An innovative configuration management platform has arrived. We’re excited to introduce Switchboard, Softheon’s straightforward system to make updates in real-time to front-end, back-end, and user interface (UI) design. Our comprehensible platform was built for product owners, managers, and developers to implement simple, everyday tasks to more complex projects for those with more configuration knowledge.

What is Switchboard?

Switchboard is a centralized management system in which all configurations for an application may be accomplished in one place. Unlike other configuration management tools, Switchboard is designed to accommodate users in real-time and to address updates quickly and easily. Instead of waiting several weeks for an update to be implemented, users can make modest changes in a matter of minutes. In addition, our platform will have an approval process to ensure all configuration changes are correct and essential.

How Does Switchboard Provide Accountability?

Our platform provides the ability to view previous configuration versions, the creator of the latest configuration changes, and reasons behind the updates. With Switchboard, when a user edits a configuration, a new version will be generated to keep track of not only who made the updates, but also including the comments regarding why the change was made. Additionally, Switchboard features a rollback functionality allowing the user to control an easy-to-use interface that can revert to a previous version when needed. Teams can create an approval process that’ll allow for configurations to be reviewed by peers to help reduce risks before changes are processed.

Does Switchboard Provide Security?

Switchboard provides a variety of roles ranging from reader, writer, and administrator all with a set of actions to carry out and complete on the platform. These permissions are assigned by the switch/board owner. All guidelines and regulations are inherited from the board but allow for full customization. Authorizations may be assigned at both the role and individual-level, allowing the user a full robust experience.

What Pain Points Does Switchboard Solve?

The main goal behind creating Switchboard is to ensure all users can make applicable changes to Softheon applications. Configuration management is in high demand and streamlining the process will lead to increased productivity amongst developers, product owners, and managers. Our platform creates consistency by having all configurations accessed from one unified location.

Upcoming Features

  • Redesigning Switchboards UI for a more user-friendly experience
  • Add more in-depth logging to Switchboard
  • Create a comment section for approvals to allow peers to leave feedback
  • Allow for scheduling of configuration changes

What Does the Future of Switchboard Entail?

Switchboard’s Lead Software Engineer, Tyler Lappe told us: “We’re looking to build the best configuration management platform that is simple, user friendly, and provides updates without any downtime.” As our product develops, clients will be given access to make real-time updates on various configurations including portal colors, invoice dates, and verbiage.

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