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Over the last six months, our fearless Softheon team has mastered the art of working from home, acclimating to the new normal. Now, being fully remote, the team facea new challenge: severe weather. Hurricane season is in full swing, with winter storm season trailing not far behind.  

Thanks to advanced technology and storm prediction, we often know when bad weather is approaching days in advance, giving everyone time to prepare. While we can’t control the outcome of a bad storm, we can do our best to get ahead of the situation.  

Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself and your home office: 

Fully charge all your devices 

Make sure all your devices, including personal cell phones, work phones, laptops, tablets, etc. are fully charged in advance. In the event that you lose internet, your cell phone or tablet can be used as a mobile hot spot! Here are instructions on how to do this for Android and Apple devices 

Gather all information you may need  

Think about what you may need if you lose power/internet. Download or print out documents that you need access to and save the phone numbers of any coworkers you may need to contact via text message.   

Stock up on supplies  

Things like batteries, flashlights, first aid kits, water, and food are essential. In terms of telecommuting, portable chargers, power inverters, and generators are nice to have as well. 

Stay in touch 

If you are unable to be onlinekeep in communication with your manager and team via text to let everyone know your status. If you have any important calls to join, Microsoft Teams lets you dial in via cell phone as well.  

Relax and stay safe  

Work is important, but the safety of you and your loved ones comes first! We are already battling a pandemic, after allStay positive and do what you can during a bad storm.  

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