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Meet Cloud Maker, Sing Rou Lee, Director of Product Management

A degree in Economics from Stony Brook University, a passion for research, and inspiration from her Malaysian roots, Sing Rou Lee proudly leads Softheon’s product team.

Sing’s upbringing and family background proved to be motivating and exciting. We asked her, “How did your family encourage you growing up?” She told us about how her late cousin instilled a go-getter attitude early on, “She’s always been an independent figure in the family and told us, if you want to do something, do it, if you want something, go get it.” The follow-through her late cousin displayed motivated Sing to go after her goals full force.

Upon graduation, Sing applied for the Marketing Research Analyst position at Softheon and was quickly hired in August 2013. Although she didn’t originally envision herself working in the healthcare technology industry, Sing’s hunger for innovative research advanced Softheon’s thought leadership and knowledge capabilities.

Next, we asked Sing to reflect on her first few experiences working at Softheon six years ago, she stated, “I started off licking envelopes and by my third day, I was jumping on to carrier calls with my first boss, Alistair.” While her first few memories described nerve-wracking times, it helped build Sing’s confidence for future advancement.

Following her analyst role, Sing explored the financial world involving several vendor and client relationships. “This was very unfamiliar work to me but, I gained valuable experience.” She was in the finance department for about 1 year and at times, was a “one-woman show.” During her stretch in finance, the equity product was developed and Sing quickly switched gears to enrollment, our remedy product. “I didn’t think I was ready to take on the Senior Product Solutions Manager role but, the following month, I accepted the challenge.” Shortly after managing enrollment, it was clear Sing was cut out to be the Director of Product Management.

As of last year, Sing’s role has evolved into directing and managing Softheon’s financial technologies. We asked her “How do you feel about being the director of a team?” She responded, “It comes with it’s challenges. The greatest pleasure of my job is watching my team grow, seeing them learn, seeing them make mistakes, and learn not to do it again.” She explained “It’s important to be creative, innovative, build new things, and collaborate with others.”

Being at the forefront of the healthcare technology industry, Sing would tell aspiring leaders “Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo.” She emphasized the importance of learning as much as you can along the way to be a strong and educated leader. We asked Sing “What do you love about Softheon?” She expressed, “The people here make it easy to come into work every day. I love the company culture we’ve created here.”

Lastly, Sing enlightened us on the biggest factors and qualities she’s attained from working at Softheon. She said, “Adaptability is key to the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and technology. It’s important to be able to pivot quickly to the market, read the room, and adapt to people’s feelings.” Part of being a leader is having an open mind, flexibility to accommodate multiple ideas, and being able to make the most productive decision for the team.

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