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Leading Missouri health insurer will leverage Softheon’s technology to bring affordable health care to more communities. 

Softheon, a leading cloud-based health insurance exchange and service provider, announced a new partnership with Cox HealthPlans to utilize Softheon’s shopping, enrollment, and billing platform for Medicare Advantage. The Medicare-in-a-box solution will enable thousands of members throughout Southwest Missouri to enroll in or renew their Medicare Advantage coverage. By expanding its offerings to include Medicare coverage, Cox HealthPlans can ease the transition for current members in group or individual plans to Medicare.

Enrollments in Medicare Advantage plans have more than doubled over the past decade. 2022 was no exception, seeing an 8.8% increase in Medicare Advantage enrollments compared to 2021. This acceleration in 2022 far exceeds growth estimates made in 2021. Cox recognized the upward trajectory of this market and the increased consumer demand.

Softheon creates significant automation through RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and highly configurable workflow triggers, empowering health plans to scale operations in Medicare, Exchange, or Small Group.

Health plans looking to make serious gains in any new market must have a great, end-to-end user experience. A comprehensive shopping experience, self-service portal, and targeted outreach all contribute to a sense of trust and transparency with members.

As the only locally owned and managed health insurance company in the Ozarks, Cox HealthPlans partnered with Softheon to better serve the rapidly growing population of new Medicare members in Missouri by enabling a high-quality consumer experience for Medicare Advantage shoppers and members through Softheon’s leading SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

Leveraging health insurance industry best practices combined with composable solutions, Softheon provides leading enrollment, billing, and member engagement technology to deliver cost savings, compliance, and revenue growth opportunities for health plans. Softheon’s turnkey solution also handles all regulatory and operational requirements, enabling a proactive response to changing regulations and consumer demand.

“When deciding on a solution provider to help us better serve Southwest Missouri’s Medicare population, Softheon’s unmatched expertise and scalable technology made it the clear choice,” said Matt Aug, President of Cox HealthPlans. “User-friendly software will help our Medicare members better navigate the often-complex health insurance enrollment process, saving time and providing them with a more seamless experience to support continuous coverage.”

“As Medicare populations continue to grow, it’s imperative for health plans nationwide to have a technology partner that can serve their evolving needs as well as those of their members,” said Eugene Sayan, CEO and Founder of Softheon. “We’re excited to partner with Cox HealthPlans to connect communities in Missouri with affordable health insurance through Softheon’s solutions.”

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About Softheon

Founded in 2000, Softheon’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) solutions solve complex challenges for health plans and government health agencies. Currently, Softheon’s solutions serve 8 State agencies and over 90 health plans. Issuers and consumers utilizing Medicaid, Medicare, and the ACA (Affordable Care Act) Marketplace benefit from Softheon’s innovative technology that reduces administrative overhead and enhances user-experiences. Softheon is an Agent, Broker, and Merchant of Record that facilitates health insurance enrollment, administration, and renewal.

About Cox HealthPlans

Cox HealthPlans is the only locally based health insurance company in the Ozarks. We are an affiliate of CoxHealth, a locally trusted and nationally renowned resource for comprehensive health services, extraordinary facilities and a remarkably high quality of care. We provide insurance solutions for thousands of members across Southwest Missouri. Locally owned and managed in Springfield, Missouri, we have a staff of experts who can help you with any facet of your insurance plan. Their dedication and knowledge base provide you with the highest quality customer service, accurate and timely claims payment, expert medical management you’ve come to expect from a leader in the health care industry.

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