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Softheon’s donation to Feeding America will feed 116,000 families this holiday season. 

Employee values led to holiday donation 

I treasure giving back to those in need. As a Softheon employee, I am incredibly satisfied to work for a company that shares my same values. About a month ago, I broached our Leadership team with a different take on our annual, client holiday gifts. In lieu of sending traditional gift baskets, I suggested donating to Feeding America on behalf of each of our clients. Feeding America started over 200 food banks and 60,000 meal programs within the past 40 years making it the largest national hunger-relief organization. Since the pandemic, their efforts have increased due to the devastating effects on America’s food crisis. 

Donation to Feeding America impacts a large amount of struggling families  

Being champions of change, our Leadership team agreed to donate to Feeding America. Graciously, our CEO, Eugene Sayan, placed his donation, feeding 116,000 families this holiday season! We hope our clients share this gesture as we continue to make healthcare affordable, accessible, and plentiful for all Americans. 

Here at Softheon, we encourage you, too, to donate to a charitable cause this holiday season. Regardless of how you choose to help those in need, we wish you a happy, healthy, and hopeful holiday season! 

About Softheon’s Donation to Feeding America 

As 2020 draws to a close, companies should take a moment to reflect on how they can assist families significantly impacted by the economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In lieu of gifts this holiday season, Softheon donated $11,600 to Feeding America on behalf of our clients who help us spearhead the effort to make healthcare affordable, accessible, and plentiful for all Americans.  

Food insecurity strongly contributes to health and nutrition issues in America. Issues such as food deserts and the lack of nutritious options results in higher rates of diet correlated chronic diseases in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas.  

Feeding America combats food insecurity during the Coronavirus pandemic 

Feeding America started over 200 food banks and 60,000 meal programs within the past 40 years making it the largest national hunger-relief organization Their efforts have increased in recent months due to the devastating and long-lasting effects that the coronavirus has on America’s food crisis. In 2020, the number of Americans experiencing food insecurity rose to 50 million, including approximately 17 million children. 

For every dollar donated, Feeding American provides at least ten meals to families in need. Softheon urges both companies and individuals to give back during this holiday season to help spread cheer to those impacted during this trying year. 

What else can companies do besides make donations in December? 

Nonprofits see an estimated 50% of their yearly donations within the last three months of the year, but some companies do more than donate to boost morale and give back.  

Consider giving staff time off to volunteer at a local charity. Fostering an altruistic company culture keeps spirits high while also helping those in need. Doing good for others creates a favorable sense of self that employees can bring back into the company for an all-around positive effect.  

Additionally, companies can offer their goods and services to their local communities, encouraging growth on the local level while also allowing employees to see the cumulation of their efforts in their own backyard.  

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