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Fully capitalize on the millions of Americans switching their health coverage during Open Enrollment by effectively converting enrollees into members. To prevent enrollee drop-off between plan enrollment and the first binder payment, health plans must focus on refining their approach to member engagement. Invest in methods to resolve member application abandonment at multiple points through the sales funnel.

Invest in Lead Tracking Tools

Data regarding drop-offs during the enrollment process will inform health plans of potential enrollment issues and give insight regarding how to improve enrollee retention. Lead tracking tools allow brokers and health plans to retarget potential enrollees.

The first step in this process includes the identification of leads. Investing in a robust reporting platform can make the identification of failed enrollees effortless. Targeting potential leads becomes easier when health plans and brokers are aware of where enrollees dropped off; specific messaging aimed to guide individuals through the process provides a customized approach and demonstrates to potential enrollees that your health plan cares about their coverage.

Send Acknowledgement Letters to New Enrollees

Member communication proves essential to covert employees into full-fledged members. Acknowledgment letters target individuals who did not make a binder payment immediately upon enrollment.

Sending enrollment notifications or welcome letters allows health plans to seamlessly guide potential members to complete their first payment. Possible information to feature in initial member communication includes:

  • Resources for members to further engage with the health plan
  • Tools available to members
  • Guides for members to utilize available portals
  • Feature benefits members can use
  • Follow Communication with Invoicing & Reminders

If enrollees still fail to submit their first binder payment after the initial outreach was received, subsequent invoices or reminders can help convert enrollees into members. Sending an invoice including a final amount owed after enrollment allows enrollees the time needed to settle their payment.

A single invoice may not be enough, and additional reminders should be sent up to the cancelation of coverage in an attempt to convert all enrollees to members.

Include all accepted payment methods in these invoices and reminders to emphasize ease of use for your members. Members can receive reminders via text, email, or paper communication based on the needs of the health plan.