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Billing & Payments

Smarter Automation, Faster Effectuation

Softheon integrates billing and payments with enrollment so you can do more for members and create more margin for your mission. Remove the pain from your payment process with consolidated vendors and empowered members.

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Systems Not Communicating?

When your enrollment and billing systems don’t talk to each other, you put your effectuation and subsidy reconciliation rate at risk. Piecemealed systems also make it harder for you to offer and manage all the payment options and timing your members expect. Softheon’s integrated approach helps you improve every stage of the member journey.

Billing and Payments
Membership Payment Channels

A Powerful Platform that Empowers Members

Conditioned by the digital era’s efficiency and ease, today’s consumers don’t tolerate frustration when buying online. If your health plan’s payment process includes friction, they’ll bounce to an easier option. Softheon’s integrated approach to billing gives members the self-service options they crave.   

Billing and Payments

Retain More Members. New members can make their first payment immediately after enrolling and sign-up for autopay so there’s no frustrating gap in coverage. Members can use any payment channel, from credit or debit card to ACH, IVR, or even physical checks.

Billing and Payments

Prevent More Delinquencies.  Because systems talk to each other, you can identify which members are delinquent every 24-hours, not every 30 days. Retain them before it’s too late. Automatically transition at-risk members to a tailored communication plan. 

Payment Facilitation & Reconciliation

A Single Hub that Ensures Accuracy

When your systems don’t work well together, mistakes happen. Customers don’t forgive miscalculations that lead to lapsed enrollment, and you can’t afford to get on the wrong side of federal regulations.

Billing and Payments

Accurate Invoices. We update members’ accounts quickly and accurately, reducing the chances of an incorrect delinquency payment being sent due to system delays or human error.

Billing and Payments

Reduced Risk. Softheon’s proprietary fraud reduction and mitigation methods help you lower chargeback rates and ensure that you stay on top of PCI compliance and changing regulations. 

Personalized Invoicing 

Messaging that Keeps Membership Intact

Instead of making your admin maintain multiple systems and deal with the fallout of communication delays, give them a single, accurate invoice.

Billing and Payments

Right message to the right member. Automatically generate timely, accurate invoices and personalized communication. Give the right member the right message and keep your membership levels intact. 

Billing and Payments

Easily create and execute mass member outreach. In addition to accurate and timely invoices, Softheon provides customizable and CMS compliant templates for everything from Marketing and Welcome Kits to Renewal and Delinquency Notices.

Expand your footprint in the ACA Marketplace

The ACA Marketplace is expanding. Are you getting your share?

Financial Reporting

Powerful Insights, Improved Payments & Operations.

By the time problems become systemic, simple interventions won’t work. We give you the tools you need to address operational issues and will follow up with at-risk memberships in time to make a difference.  

Billing and Payments

Understand Sooner. Analyze member data in near-real-time, including transaction trends, member demographics, geography, financial information, and cost comparisons through our reporting platform. 

Billing and Payments

Act Faster. Use robust reporting and analytics capabilities to understand trends around pain points and create solutions before the problems become too big.

Predict and Prevent Terminations

Softheon researched which behaviors indicate pending plan termination and identified strategies you can use to intervene. Download Report

Marketplace Shopping, Enrollment, and Billing RFP Guide for Health Plans

Understand what questions health plans must ask during the procurement process to secure robust and scalable billing and enrollment solutions. Download Guide

See how smarter automation scales growth and cuts costs.

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