About Softheon

Making Healthcare Affordable, Accessible, and Plentiful.

Softheon is on a mission to drive down costs, simplify access, and create more insurance options for Americans. Founded in 2000, Softheon is located on Stony Brook University campus and has over 150 employees supporting the mission. 

What is Softheon?

At Softheon, we are motivated to solve the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry by creating simple solutions to complex problems. We support our clients, track performance data, manage administrative tasks, and so much more.

Leadership team

Eugene Sayan


Since 2000, Eugene led Softheon in its mission to develop innovative solutions for healthcare payers, providers, and government agencies. Prior to Softheon, Eugene led big data and process management initiatives for Fortune 1000 companies at IBM. 

Robert Miller

General Manager and SVP
Government Solutions

Robert is the Managing Director of Government Solutions and a long time Softheon associate. In this role, Robert is responsible for product development and operations to drive solution improvements while strengthening client relationships. 

Kevin Deutsch

General Manager and SVP
Health Plan Solutions

Kevin is responsible for ensuring the retention, satisfaction, and growth of the customer relationship from onboarding through ongoing operational support while overseeing a team of client success managers. 


Sarah Pew

General Manager and SVP
Group & Consumer

In this role Sarah is responsible for strategic partnerships with clients, vendors, and potential partners. She has held many roles at Softheon allowing her to operationally understand our core business inside and out.

Board of Directors

Eugene Ugur Sayan

Founder, Chairman, CEO & President

Dr. Yacov Shamash

Vice President for Economic Development and Dean of the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Stony Brook University

Dr. James A. Hayward

Chief Executive Officer, Applied DNA

Dr. Satya P. Sharma

Executive Director Center of Excellence for Wireless
& Information Technology (CEWIT)

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