Pharmacy Prior-Authorization

The Softheon Pharmacy Prior-Authorization workflow solution provides a fully customizable case management system capable of tracking drug prior-authorizations

Softheon Business Connector Cloud (BC2) Pharmacy Prior-Authorization provides a simplified process that consistently applies prior authorization rules and efficiently manages workflow. Softheon solutions integrate easily with a variety of third-party applications, an advantage that similar systems do not offer.

Additional benefits of the Softheon Pharmacy Prior-Authorization solution include:

  • Provides secure global access and opportunities for outsourcing to business partners
  • Decreases costs related to PPA using collected data for decision-making, e.g. "Should a drug require pre-authorization if it is approved in more than 95% of cases?"
  • Provides information for timely decision-making related to prior-authorization cases
  • Realizes savings related to gathering data from disparate systems for audits, governmental, and professional organization reporting as the result of a single platform, which provides more reliable data
  • Enables work to be distributed and performed in a consistent manner while providing support for the collection of data and statistics for operational and predictive modeling scenarios
  • Ensures full compliance with CMS, and Medicare Part-D guidelines
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