Mailroom Correspondence Management

Measure the time it takes to physically distribute correspondence from one area to another, from one state to another, or from one country to another. Measure the cost of tracking down lost correspondence. Measure the cost of tracking down lost correspondence, and measure the amount of calls related to missed correspondence.

Softheon Business Connector Cloud (BC2) Mailroom Correspondence Management (MCM) solution provides a healthcare organization all the tools needed to handle mailroom correspondence. Unlike many correspondence management solutions, Softheon solutions easily integrate with a variety of third-party applications, allowing for easy access to an organization’s core systems for claims and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processing.

Additional benefits of the Softheon Mailroom Correspondence Management solution include:

  • Provide needed infrastructure for tasks that are outsourced and accessed by remote business partners
  • Ultimately improve ability to meet service level agreements (SLA) by streamlining the mail distribution process, which critically affects downstream processing
  • Measure previously immeasurable processing times, and provides the ability to make adjustments and evaluate differences, thus enabling managers to plan for varying volume levels accordingly
  • Collect Turn-Around Time Report data which can be used in support of annual reviews and performance-based calculations for processing resources
  • Provide numerous intangible benefits based on the ability to measure items - decreased mail distribution costs, increased worker and member satisfaction, and increased ease of maintenance
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