Our story

At Softheon, we are motivated to solve the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry by creating simple solutions to complex problems. We support our clients, track performance data, manage administrative tasks, and so much more.

What is Softheon?

The "TurboTax® of Healthcare,"

our mission at Softheon is to create simple, innovative solutions that make health insurance affordable, accessible, and plentiful. We create software that is trusted by 60 healthcare payers participating on public exchanges, managing 37% of the overall ACA membership. From enrollment and premium billing to reporting and reconciliation, we are revolutionizing how health plans and states serve their members.

We have a rich history of providing turnkey Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solutions that address state and health plan needs. For over 15 years, our solutions have provided the end-to-end tracking, monitoring, and reporting of business activities for individual and small group enrollment, financial management, and customer service processes.

Leadership team

Eugene Sayan

Founder & CEO

Dan Hughes

Managing Director, Sales

Robert Miller

Managing Director,
Healthcare Reform

Sarah Pew

Managing Director,
Corporate Strategy

Tatyana Gavino

Director, Compliance

Cindy Roethel

Managing Director, Corporate
Finance & Administration

Brooke Furey

Director, Human Resources

Sing Rou Lee

Director, Project Management

Matt Schumpf

Director, Product Innovations

Mark Graffia

Managing Director,
Software Development

Alistair Tocher

Director, Operations

Chris Ruch

IT Cloud Management

Danielle Tedesco

Associate Director,
Product Management

Kevin Deutsch

Client Success

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