Meet Cloud Maker, Cindy Roethel, Managing Director of Corporate Finance and Administration

Meet Cloud Maker, Cindy Roethel, Managing Director of Corporate Finance and Administration

Cindy’s journey began when she enrolled as an accounting major at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, New York. She was the first person from her family to graduate with a professional degree. After graduation, Cindy joined the workforce for 3 years before deciding to pursue her Master’s in Business Management (MBA). The real-world experience from her first job made her a successful candidate for an MBA.  

Cindy started out working in the accounts payable department towards the end of her schooling. She told us “I worked for TDK, a Japanese company, to Arrow Electronics, and then over to Harman Consumer Group.” A friend at her previous job had let her know about an opportunity at Softheon and encouraged her to join the team. “I was excited to start a new opportunity as an Accounting Manager and experience being part of a small company and watching it grow.” She became one of Softheon’s first employees.  

Fast forward to now, Cindy is the Managing Director of Corporate Finance and Administration at Softheon. She oversees the finances of the company, “I make sure we aren’t over spending and I forecast the company’s financial standings.” Another aspect of her position is overseeing the Human Resources Department. We asked Cindy, “What’s your favorite Softheon moment?” She told us, “When Softheon hit the 100-employee mark.” She has seen the company at the early stages and even through difficult times like 9/11. “We took a hit but, we turned it around to reach 100 employees, it was great!” 

Having such a prominent role at Softheon and a young family, we wanted to know how Cindy balances it all. She told us “Having 3 kids, I do my best to balance my family and work, if that means I stay up late working to be there for my kids, I do. I know I will get my job done and being able to participate in my kids sporting events is just as important.” Part of having a leadership role at Softheon is making sure the job gets done, she said “I am a loyal person and when I say I’m going to do something, I do it.” Cindy enjoys seeing the company expand is passionate about having a helping hand in it. “I find it rewarding I can give my knowledge to others and genuinely help people.” 

Cindy explained having such a diverse career background, it shaped her character today. “Having confidence in yourself and having the knowledge, make you feel effective at your job.” She knows exactly what she needs to do to perform up to par and doesn’t second guess herself. A quote she lives by is “What’s the biggest room in the world? The room for opportunity and learning.”  

We showed Cindy a statistic from Microsoft reporting only 20% of the workforce are women in leadership. Cindy’s response to the figure was “Not happy about it, it’s disappointing to see it’s such a low rate because you don’t know if it’s a male thing, which would be disheartening or is it so many women that are struggling to balance being a working mom and balancing those responsibilities.” Speaking from her experience, Cindy explained aspiring business women should continue their education as much as possible before taking on the responsibility of a family. She said, “Be confident in yourself and it’s okay to make mistakes, we’re all human, and we need to learn from our mistakes. Cindy emphasized the importance of being humble and kind when you’re in a leadership role, “you are not better than anyone else and you put your pants on one leg at a time. Be a good human.” Lastly, Cindy highlighted the significance of being a good leader. She ended her interview by telling us “A good leader needs to make sure that they give their team member the proper tools and knowledge so that team member is successful at their job.  A good leader is successful when their team is successful.” 



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