Enhanced direct enrollment eliminates ‘double redirect’, establishes new policy management strategy

In June 2018, the Federally-Facilitated-Marketplace (FFM) is expected to launch new technology known as Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) – which will allow consumers and agent/brokers to shop, enroll, and manage policy changes to Marketplace health products, without ever having to create an application on Healthcare.gov or contact Marketplace Customer Service. 

EDE is a unified enrollment experience that contains an updated, easy-to-use, portal for Marketplace members. EDE will eliminate the current “double redirect” to HealthCare.gov, using a series of CMS-based APIs to process eligibility and changes behind the scenes. This new portal will allow issuers and agent/brokers to establish and maintain relationships with members from initial enrollment, through mid-year changes, and into renewal. The goal of EDE is to provide consumers and health insurance brokers with alternatives to shop for and enroll in coverage, providing the data and tools needed to effectuate and maintain policies.  

In our new whitepaper former Executive Director for Aetna’s Exchange program and Founder, JGood Advisors, Jane Good discusses Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) and this new policy strategy.


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