Softheon Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Framework


Softheon's fully integrated Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform is the integration solution that enable health care payers' efficient participation in private and public health insurance exchanges and communicate information between internal systems.

Softheon SOA has the ability to greatly leverage and extend payer's existing computing assets and aggregate lower levels of functionality to effectively enable diverse assets to collaborate for improved business processes and enhanced application capabilities.

The Softheon SOA solution facilitates data extraction, file creation and secure transmission of data between multiple systems, including private and public exchanges, with minimal configuration effort.

Inherit benefits of the Softheon SOA framework include:

  • Respond quickly and cost-effectively to changing market conditions
  • Simplify integration with existing legacy assets
  • Separation of different services promotes reuse and cost efficiency
  • Software that aligns with your business
  • SOA governance that provides standard interfaces amongst the different services

More Information

Applications developed with Softheon SOA, let it be a Web portal or a management report, do not need to worry about how the data is retrieved from respective systems. For example, when an enrollment inventory reporting application needs data, it would simply ask Softheon ESB without
knowing or caring from where or how the enrollment data is supplied.

This is the responsibility of Softheon Business Process Management (BPM) layer, which consolidates data across multiple core systems. Softheon BPM often increases and augments data elements with rich set of metadata elements, all a while enabling business users to identify business issues, trends, and opportunities comprehensive yet easy-to-use business rules.

Softheon BPM greatly leverages Composite Services exposes thru Softheon Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). With Softheon ESB, services are designed to behave like text messaging - as short, to-the-point interactions, that are created and maintained by people who have the expertise required to weave them together to produce a desired business result. Moreover, a Composite Service exposed through Softheon ESB doesn't necessarily know about other services or how they operate.

At its lowest layer, Softheon SOA wraps around other structured Legacy Admin Systems (i.e. Trizetto Facets, Amisys, Xcelys). When payer's facing the challenges of exposing these complex systems, Softheon SOA adheres to Agile methodology to extend and leverage them thru lightweight interfaces.

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