Eligibility & Enrollment

Adapt to Health Insurance Marketplaces by leveraging legacy systems, technologies, & enrollment processes.

Eligibility & Enrollment

Softheon Marketplace Connector Cloud (MC2) Eligibility & Enrollment can significantly reduce the administrative burden that the plan issuers will experience during enrollment, allowing Health plans can increase the number of enrollees while simultaneously increasing their perceived level of customer service through an enhanced shopping experience. Additionally, Softheon Eligibility & Enrollment provides web-based integration with the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM).

Through Softheon's Direct Enrollment Component, the eligibility verification and enrollment processes are streamlined. Health Insurance Exchanges transmit enrollment and eligibility data extracted from multiple databases, in real time, to health plan issuers via the Softheon Marketplace Connector Cloud (MC2). This extract provides all the eligibility information required to successfully verify eligibility and enroll members. Softheon Eligibility & Enrollment makes this information available to health plan clients in a customized format that each plan can immediately use in its enrollment process, while reducing the time and expense required to enroll each new participant.

Softheon Eligibility & Enrollment's major features perform these tasks:

  • Submits applications to initiate eligibility and enrollment processes
  • Provides supporting documentation to HIMs as requested
  • Interfaces with HIMs to receive entire enrollment, disenrollment, and termination, as well as update renewals
  • Serves as an intermediary between health plans and HIMs to allow seamless initial enrollment processing as well as verifications against information for renewals
  • Allows tracking of enrollments
  • Provides reports and data with privacy protections as required

Opportunities and Benefits

  • Online, transparent, and easy to use
  • Accommodates members with different online user capabilities and language preferences
  • Seamlessly integrates with public and private plan options and enrollment process
  • Verifies enrollment information both internally and externally
  • Quickly responds to market demands
  • Leverages existing investments in technology
  • Lowers management costs associated with the acquisition and maintenance of technology
  • Enhances reliability and extensibility
  • Connects members with a range of human services programs, including health coverage
  • Provides strong privacy and security protections
  • Ensures the privacy of the data
  • Controls function-by-function access by individual users with automatic error detection
  • Identifies demographic discrepancies.
  • Improves cycle time from application to enrollment
  • No need to modify existing enrollment processes to interface with multiple exchanges