New Business, Underwriting & Enrollment

Streamline the entire new business, underwriting and enrollment processes by enhancing member and group enrollment form captures. Softheon becomes the "System of Records" of all enrollment related information and provides better accountability by tracking documents and activities related to enrollment services.

Softheon Business Connector Cloud (BC2) New Business, Underwriting & Enrollment solution gives the healthcare organization all the tools it needs to handle the group and member enrollment process. Softheon solutions easily integrate with a variety of third-party applications, an advantage that similar systems do not offer.

Additional benefits of the Softheon New Business, Underwriting & Enrollment solution include:

  • Manage timelines for large and small group creation, changes and terminations by bringing together all the critical parties involved and designing a customized workflow to fit the needs of the business
  • Enforce accountability by implementing the auditing and tracking of enrollment applications and documents that detail all parties involved with document from start to finish
  • Enable interdepartmental communication and transferring of cases in real time, between enrollment brokers, sales, group administration, underwriting and membership enrollment departments.
  • Allow for implementation and verification of business workflow processes using electronic case folders, which comprise of member, group, and underwriting metadata values and related documentation
  • Eliminate the need for expensive off-site storage of billing-related documents
  • Allow for seamless integration with already existing technologies, such as Portal applications.
  • Improve access to member and enrollment related information.
  • Reduce operational overhead, institute off-shore or remote processing from anywhere that an internet connection is available.
  • Provide the ability to scan enrollment applications and group packets, create folders manually, or receive an electronic import to generate cases.
  • Reduce IT total cost of ownership by replacing existing content repositories with Softheon Content & Business workflow enterprise solutions.
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