Customer Support & Service

Govern your organization's Customer Support & Services center with rules-driven business processes that are essential for increased First-Call Closures, self-service member and provider empowerment.

Fully integrated Customer Support & Services (CSS) Interactive Web Response and Web Content Management capabilities provide the ability to support members through an innovative website that can be updated in real-time.

Additional benefits of the Softheon Customer Support & Service solution include:

  • Increase first-call closure rates and provides an interactive way for members to access real-time information through the web
  • Save costs related to pulling data together from disparate systems for audits, governmental, and professional organization reporting
  • Provide information for timely decision making related to CSS cases, and at the same time, affords a single platform for other enterprise initiatives
  • Allow for improved accountability by implementing auditing and tracking of Member Encounters and Documents
  • Eliminate the need for expensive off-site storage of billing-related documents
  • Allow for improved access to any customer related information
  • Significantly decrease the search and find time for documents
  • Provide opportunity to institute off-shore or remote processing from anywhere that an internet connection is available
  • Replace existing content repositories with Softheon Content & Business, resulting in decreased dollars required for storage of electronic verses paper documents
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