Billing Management System

Streamline the entire billing process from start to finish. Eliminate the use of paper documents, provide easy electronic access for all authorized users, and eliminate paper copies. Provide superior tracking of all billing-related documents.

Additional benefits of the Softheon Billing Management System solution include:

  • Improve the ability to meet service level agreements (SLA) in billing, collection, aggregation, and reconciliation
  • Allow for improved accountability through the implementation of a detailed audit and tracking of billing documents from start to finish
  • Foster interdepartmental communication and the transfer of cases in real time, between billing clerks, managers and other areas defined to the system
  • Eliminate the need for expensive off-site storage of billing-related documents
  • Allow for seamless integration with existing technologies, such as portal applications
  • Provide improved access from all areas within the organization that require access to billing related documents
  • Make off-shore or remote processing a reality
  • Provide the ability to receive billing documents from a variety of methods via: scanning, electronic import, or through manual creation of folders to hold related documents
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by consolidating first generation image and document repositories with Softheon enterprise solutions
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