Our Culture

Softheon is the emerging leader in next generation healthcare business process optimization, enabling payer, provider, and government organizations to measurably reduce administrative cost, improve member and provider satisfaction, generate new revenue opportunities, and comply with regulatory compliance by adopting best business practices.

Softheon's healthcare best business practice solutions drive bottom-line benefits for health care payers, empowering them to improve competitiveness and comply with regulations. Softheon's process analysis mastery is enhanced by industry expertise, which helps Softheon work with clients to quickly identify the opportunities for process improvement that will have the greatest impact on their success.

The award-winning Softheon Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework encompasses imaging and content management, workflow, business process management and analysis, data integration, and reporting software. These robust capabilities are configured to build and deploy unique, client-defined solutions in critical areas like Medicare Part D processing, Grievance and Appeals, Enrollment & New Business, Provider Operations, Claims, Member Services, Authorizations, and more.

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